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     The most visited spot of Sovata is the salty Bear Lake (the salt content varies between 220 – 230 gramms/liter). The salty lake’s heliotherm effect and the therapeutical mud play an important role in the region’s spa tourism since guests travel here to find treatments in reumatism, arthritis, gynecological and endocrine disfunctions.
     Another important spa center is underground the Salt Mine at Parajd/Praid. The mine has its treatment places at 180 meters under the earth. The fine salty air plays a major role in healing different respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis and many other diseases.

     Are you looking to discover the hidden secrets of this region? You will find a lot of attractions within a few hours of traveling. Such sites are the Saint Anna Lake formed in a volcano’s crater, the castle of the noble Lázár family at Gyergyószárhegy / Lăzarea and many other places.
     If you would like to spend a pleasant winter vacation try to modern ski lopes of Sovata.

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